Project: Home extension, Wheldrake


Mr and Mrs Woolacott wanted to improve the design of their house by expanding the living area and extending the kitchen workspace. They had architectural plans drawn up, and approached Potton Developments for a quote for the building works.

Mrs Woolacott says: “Brenden was very strongly recommended to us, and we went to view previous work he had completed. His quote was good, and we were won over by his pleasant and approachable manner.”


The single-storey extension adjoining the kitchen was designed to open up the kitchen and create a spacious kitchen, dining and living area, as well as adding a new utility room. By introducing living space at the back of the house, the extension would create a better connection between the home and the rear garden.

The original plan involved reusing an existing wall. However, Brenden advised that the wall was poor quality and would be more cost-effective to rebuild. Brenden also advised fitting Velux windows to enhance light levels, and altered details of the new utility room to include a sound-proof wall that would minimise noise in the rest of the house.

Scope of works:

Potton Developments took care of the whole project, from start to finish. This involved initially demolishing an existing conservatory, completing ground works, knocking down the external kitchen wall and fitting a steel beam to create a wide opening into the new extension.

Brenden and his team completed all construction works, which included building a traditional hipped roof, installing two large bifold doors and additional floor-to-ceiling windows. Potton Developments carried out all plastering, electrical wiring, plumbing and decorating, as well as fitting new flooring throughout. Finally, a brand-new kitchen was installed, replacing the old kitchen and connecting it seamlessly to the new extension.

Externally, Potton Developments completed the project with landscaping and a new patio, enhancing the useable outdoor space adjacent to the extension.

Mrs Woolacott adds: “Brenden and his team worked very efficiently on the project, taking care to isolate the area under construction so that dust and disruption was minimised in the rest of the house.”


The entire programme of works, from initial demolition through to completion of the patio, took approximately six months. The work was completed in 2013.

“We were extremely happy with the standard of the finished build. We have lived with the extension for around ten years now, and we are still very happy with the way it looks and how the living space functions.” - Mrs Woolacott