Creating unique, inspirational living spaces across Yorkshire.

Converting existing agricultural buildings into residential accommodation poses a range of construction challenges.

Every building is unique and requires different treatment to transform it into a comfortable and secure living space.

At Potton Developments, we specialise in barn conversions throughout North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. We have created stunning homes out of unused barns and other buildings, working with our team of dedicated designers, construction specialists and craftsmen.

We begin barn conversions in Yorkshire by working with planning consultants, structural engineers and architects to assess the existing structure, design suitable living spaces and draw up plans that will satisfy local planning officers. Our design ingenuity enables us to develop interesting and unique living spaces within the footprint of existing buildings.

We complete all works required to secure the structural integrity and weatherproofing of the building, before realising the architect’s vision with our high-quality, meticulously planned construction work and interior installations.